from the sun

to your house

Our mission to bring clean affordable energy to your home begins with you. Making the decision to go solar is the first major step. The process can seem like a lot, but we assure you it’s incredibly simple.


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We Work With Your Budget


One of the most essential parts of our life is our energy. We need energy in our everyday lives to function and with that, energy can be one of your home’s biggest expenses. What if we could bring that bill down to a more affordable level and offset that cost with clean energy? These are the possibilities ahead.


Energy Bill
  • First we need to know how much energy you consume and how much you are paying. This helps us tailor the perfect system for your home that will benefit you the most.
Proposal Quote
  • Once we know what you need, our team of experts will build a proposal for you with all the fine details of your system and it’s benefits.
No Hassle Qualification

A simple qualification check is done to ensure we can install your brand new solar system. Basic personal information will be acquired from you so we can get you best rates. Once Approved, we will do all the work.

Site Serving

Just to make sure we can properly install, we just need to take a few pictures of the property to build the plans.


Once we complete Site Survey (SS) then we can get that the permits submitted and approved. After all that good stuff, we will schedule your install and your brand new Solar Panels can be installed on your home. After installation, the city will come to do an inspection and turn on your new panels.

Save Money! Save The Environment!

Congratulations! You’re the proud new owner of Solar! Your home is using clean energy, you’re energy savings can now begin, and you’re helping the environment. Sit back, enjoy, and know the future is looking brighter.

Do You Own Your House?